Lilydale Youth Hub

Youth Mental Health Community Forum Program


Acknowledgement of Country.
Acknowledgement of lived experience.
Forum introduction.

Speaker: Sue Sestan, CEO Inspiro

Session 1: Insights from the frontline

Youth mental health professionals know first hand the challenges faced by young people and their families when accessing support. Our panel of specialists will shed light on the common mental health and wellbeing issues that exist in the Yarra Ranges, as well as insights and tips on overcoming barriers to accessing support.

Luella Cochrane, Wellbeing Leader – Cire
Emma Grose, Client Services Manager – Lilydale Youth Hub
Hugh Martin, Family Therapist – Lilydale Youth Hub
Shelly Morrison, Counsellor/Peer Support Lead – Lilydale Youth Hub
Shani Richardson, Youth Transitional Worker – Anchor Inc.

Session 2: Youth Voice

Hear perspectives from Yarra Ranges young people on mental health stigma, conversations with parents about mental health and wellbeing, and the challenges they face in getting support.


Session 3: The Lilydale Youth Hub

An outline of what the Lilydale Youth Hub has achieved. An explanation of the Hub’s funding situation beyond 2022 and how people can help support the Hub.

Closing remarks

Member for Evelyn, Bridget Vallence MP, who has been a strong advocate for youth mental health in the local area, will provide closing remarks for the day.

Event close

Pick up resources and information from the foyer as you leave. Panel members and other staff from the Lilydale Youth Hub will be onsite until 4pm to help with further questions and information.

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