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Show and tell – Lilydale Youth Hub logo

The story of how young people helped to design our logo – and what it represents.

Earlier this year, our Youth Reference Group (YRG) sat down with a brand designer to help us perfect the look and feel of our Youth Hub branding, including the name, logo and values.

Our YRG members gave us amazing insights into what was important for a youth-focused health and wellbeing service, which our designer then turned into our logo and colour branding which can be seen on everything from our website, to our pamphlets and posters, and our Hub space.

The name

This project was originally called the Yarra Ranges Integrated Youth Health Hub. Quite a mouthful.

Feedback from our YRG was that the word ‘integrated’ wasn’t an easily understandable word. It’s really important to what we do, but makes the name seem a bit dense.

We also removed ‘health’ from the name. We definitely are a health and wellbeing service, but we do more than just typical health services.

After some deliberation, we decided on the name Lilydale Youth Hub, with the tag line: Wellbeing across the Yarra Ranges.

The name gives a strong and recognisable sense of place, while the tagline reminds everyone that we are a service for all young people in the Yarra Ranges area – from Healesville to Warburton, Lilydale to Belgrave and everywhere in between.

The logo

We are especially proud of the work that was done by the young people of our YRG and our designer on the logo.

The logo aligns with our Hub values and provides a welcoming and vibrant set of shapes and colours.

Our YRG members were clear about avoiding cliché representations of young people (no graffiti font!)

The logo symbol represents how unique each individual young person is. The overlapping and intertwining shapes represent our support team wrapping around the individual for whatever they need, ensuring a safe space and personalised support for each young person.

We believe the colours and shapes are a great fit for the Yarra Ranges area. The feedback we have received on our logo and colours has been positive, with people commenting on how well the colours and design suit the service.

Thank you again, to our Youth Reference Group members who put their time and energy into creating our branding.

Want to join other young people in growing the Lilydale Youth Hub and improving health and wellbeing for all young people in the Yarra Ranges? Check out our Youth Voice page.

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