Lilydale Youth Hub

Self care goals for the holiday period

In our final staff meeting for 2021, the Lilydale Youth Hub team shared what their self care goals were for the Christmas and New Year period.

We’ve included them below for you to see how our team will be recharging after a big year.

Creating small self help goals can have a positive impact on your mental health. The key is to spend time thinking about what it is that you need to be happy and healthy.

It’s important to note that these goals are aspirational and self care takes place in many ways.
So while it was a good session to reflect on what self care may look like during the summer period, sometimes self care can just be taking a nap and not having to be ‘productive’ with our time.
So whatever self-care may look like for you, take care over the summer period!

Self care goals

Sarah – go surfing
Joe – Plenty of rest – spend some time down at Phillip Island
Zoe – Daily Yoga
Yashna – Chill out, read, be in nature
Sam – Get back to the gym
Tania – Read at least one book
Tyrell – Eat better, drink more water.
Tia – Go to the gym, take some boxing classes
Kylie – Personal self time alone
Shelley – Do some dance classes
Lisa – Read a book, do pilates
Jenny – Make no plans, be outside for at least three hours each day
Christie – Spend time at the beach
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