Lilydale Youth Hub

Our Team

The Lilydale Youth Hub is like one big family.

If you have put in a request for support, then it is this crew that will be reaching out to you.

Or if you’re heading along to an event or activity at the Hub (or even just coming to drop in), these are the people that you will find at the Hub throughout the week.

Learn a little about them below.

Peer Support Workers


Our Hub Yogi who is a shining light of calmness, peace, and love.

If you are having a bad day, Kylie always has a way of getting it back on track.


A big kid in an adult body. Super chill and always involved in fun stuff at the Hub. Video games, board games, music and more.

Case Managers


The mum of the Hub. Always providing food (her dino-nuggets are the best).

Strong, passionate and committed to giving young people the care they need.


A fierce advocate for young people who will always go into bat for you.

Gets. Stuff. Done.


The most gentle punk rocker you will ever meet.

Whether it is running the weekly jam club, or providing counselling sessions, Sam has an ability to connect with everyone who comes through the Hub.


Cydnee is awesome fun. Great to chat to, always dedicated to helping young people. A total all-rounder.


Kristy is the big sister that everyone needs.
Warm, friendly, and dedicated.

Other Hub Staff

Vegemite and Toast
Senior Managers of Cuteness

Good at cuddles. Love to nibble food. Just look at their tiny little paws!

Are Guinea pigs.

Intake Coordinator

If you contact the Lilydale Youth Hub for support, Jenny will be the first person you meet. She makes sure that you are listened to and feel safe and valued. She feels like a warm hug on a cold day.

Jenny is a wizard who knows everyone you could ever need to get support from.


Shelly has the most calming voice in the world, but if you just need someone to talk to, she is always here to listen.

Shelly also leads our peer support team.

Hub Liaison

Kind of like a cool punk rock mum. Tania makes sure our Hub space is safe, welcoming, and fun.

She is incredibly passionate about giving young people a space to be themselves.

Youth Engagement Officer

Yash brings the energy and passion for making the Hub a fun place to be. Dedicated to making the Hub a truly accepting and inclusive space for young people in the Yarra Ranges.

Yash is responsible for all the events and activities that happen in the Hub. The Thursday hangout in particular is a weekly highlight (where she also cooks a bunch of tasty food!).

Client Services Manager

Everyone’s bestie. Emma always knows what to do in a crisis.
Always has time for a chat no matter how busy she gets.

Family Counsellor

A softly spoken gentle giant. If you need counselling that brings you and your parents/carers together, Hugh is the guy to see.

Community Health Nurse

Our community health nurse extraordinaire that can get you the help you need. No question is too taboo for Salli.

Salli has many talents. She’s an animal lover and rescuer of wildlife.

Alcohol and Drug Support

The world needs more people like Paul. Always calm, and always knows how to work through problems.

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Tyrell does all things media and marketing. Basically, anything related to spreading the word about how great the Hub is.

Also likes to nibble food, but is not a guinea pig.

Project Manager

Lisa keeps the Hub running behind the scenes. Budgets, contracts, reports – all the fun stuff.

She gets the team to dream big.

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