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Messages of support for the Lilydale Youth Hub

We are asking the community to raise their voice for youth mental health in the Yarra Ranges as part of our campaign to secure funding and keep the Hub open beyond 2022.

We’ve received over 160 messages so far!

Check out this video of our support team reading some of the messages out:

You can read all of the messages below. Please consider adding your voice to support the Hub.

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Last updated 21/9/22

Alysha 23, Kilsyth  
Please keep this hub ongoing. The support I’ve been given is not something that has ever been available for me  .

Tina 21, Woori Yallock 
Please keep them, they support youths in the area and really support and motivate for change.

Roger Paul 75, Lilydale 
If the shortsighted politicians do not renew the funding, then the consequences of the closure will be seen in other areas of the health system. Fixing the problem at its source is the most cost effective solution to a burgeoning problem.

Resident, Badger Creek                
Spaces like the Lilydale Youth Hub are a much needed space for our local youth.

It provides a safe welcoming space for young people to go. It is certainly needed.

Young person 12, Mount Evelyn  
Save the lilydale youth hub

Service professional, Croydon  
I am a family support worker in Lilydale and have worked with a client whose adolescent grandchildren were supported by the Youth Hub.

This service is fulfilling a need in the area which will be greatly missed if funding is discontinued.

I strongly feel that the service should be supported to continue to provide a youth specific service for the area.


Young person 15, Mount Evelyn              
The youth hub is a spot where I am free to express myself. It is local to where I live and is a create place I can get away from stress at home or just hang out with my friends and have something to eat. I love how inclusive they are at Lilydale youth hub. All of their fun games and activities run like on the national purple day.

Service professional, Lilydale    
I work in Lilydale in Family Services. The Lilydale Youth Hub has been of such benefit to the young people we work with. Prior to the youth hub opening there was such a lack of services for young people in the area. It will leave a huge gap in the service system if it is to close.

Elissa Cross, Lilydale      
I am a Family Services Practitioner based in Lilydale. The Lilydale Youth Hub has been a vital support for the young people we work with, who experience many different challenges including mental health issues, family issues, housing issues, etc.

There are extremely limited youth supports available in this area, and I and my colleagues would struggle to find appropriate, accessible and beneficial supports for the young people in our service if the Lilydale Youth Hub is not available.

I urge the decision makers to reconsider this decision to not continue funding for the hub, as this will have a devastating impact on many vulnerable people in this community.

Mel Staples 42, Lilydale
Please keep the youth hub open. The number of youth in need of support in constantly increasing. They need a safe space.

Resident, Healesville    
Lilydale Youth Hub is a fantastic space for young people seeking connection and mental health supports, our students have thrived after being referred to a crucial part of our community space. I know the impact this space closing will have on our young people who have experienced devastating times the past three years during COVID. Please re-consider closing this space, it will create a domino effect in our schools and our community.

Parent, Mooroolbark  
My child has been seeing Kristy and the Hub team for a few months now. Without their support, I would be at a loss of where to go or what to do to help. The whole team at the Hub should be commended for the support and assistance that is given to our kids.

Where will they go if the Hub’s doors close? Who do they turn to for help? There is already enough pressure on Welfare Teams within our schools and there are many kids that can’t access the required support.

The positive change in my child when she comes home from the Hub is amazing. Knowing that she can reach out to her case manager when she needs to is very comforting to me as a parent.

Our kids have been through hell and back for the last 2-3 years and I honestly believe there should be more of these groups within our communities.

I can’t thank you all enough for the help and encouragement that you provide to all the kids that come through your doors. It would be a huge failure by the state government to underestimate the value of the Hub and how much of a difference that you make to children’s lives.

Young person 24, Kilsyth       
This centre has been so supportive of youths in the yarra ranges. it will be an unfortunate mishap if it was to close. i have worked closely with Tania and have seen how committed this service had been with providing the necessary support for youth.

In this current time where there is a limited amount of support, lilydale youth hub had been present and ready to work to achieve the best outcome and interests for their clients.

LYH is needed in the community.

Parent 53, Montrose     
So many kids that have done this that I have in my own home from friends off my kids , it is a great place , the kids need this.

Resident 40, Lilydale
The youth hub is a vital link in the community for the youth from not only Lilydale, but also the surrounding areas. Social isolation is a big issue in the Yarra Ranges for young people. Social support and engagement, mental health support, a safe space where they can be heard and treated with care, love, respect and equality should be maintained and preserved. Where else can young people find a place like this? They already lack services. Don’t take away one of the best they have.

Leonie Drake 46, Mount Evelyn
This is a great place for our young people, nice safe environment.

Paramedic, Mt Evelyn  
Being a local Paramedic I see first hand the trauma mental health problems are creating in our youth. This amazing facility must remain active to help young people see light and hope when their lives often don’t provide that.  There were huge problems with the public mental health system before Covid and they are much worse now.  The after affects are not going away soon.  Please continue funding Lilydale Youth Hub and give our kids struggling with mental health a leg up for now and their future.

Nicole 46, Montrose      
The pandemic has impacted kids so much that they need a lot more support to heal and grow into people that have hope. Services like this are essential.

Robyn Dew, MOOROOLBARK    
Being a teacher in a secondary school, I see first hand the mental struggles students have with family life, social life and school. Some have tremendous battles, it’s a wonder any of them can cope with the demands of school on top of this. Lilydale Youth Hub is a place which provides fantastic support to students like this and it would be a tragedy to see it end.

Where do our vulnerable youth go from here? Please do not end a great resource like this, not when it is so desperately needed in our community.

Larisa Dickson 36, Mount evelyn             
I would like the lilydale youth hub to continue what they are doing because it is a great way for students to get the help and support they need.

Resident 47, Mooroolbark          
The incredibly valuable work of the lilydale youth hub needs to continue without interuption. To look back at what our children have been forced to endure over the last few years is evidence enough that our kids need these active support networks.  The staff at the Lilydale Youth Hub are passionate about supporting our youth, they provide a safe and inclusive environment for our kids to begin to rebuild their confidence in the world.

The term intergenerational trauma comes to mind. Often, this term is used to describe a small section of our communities population. I fear that without appropriate support from agencies like Lilydale youth hub, intergenerational trauma will become a larger issue that will significantly impact our future generations.

Thank you to Lilydale Youth Hub for providing support to our child. We will be forever grateful that our child is still alive and  willing to give life another try. The resources, support, and passionate care provided to our kids by Lilydale Youth Hub is priceless. We are very lucky to have this service in our area.

Parent, Wandin North  
As a parent of teens and young adults I understand how challenging life can be for our young people. They are our future and we owe it to them to do all that we can to support them through the challenges they face.  Please continue to fund the incredible work of Lilydale Youth Hub, they are needed now more than ever.

Young Person, Mooroolbark      
The Lilydale Youth Hub has done wonders for me. I have been there for over a month now and it’s been amazing.

Their staff is awesome and respectful and accepting to everyone. This is the best thing I’ve had and it’s helped so much.

It’s welcoming and accepting to all.

Parent, Coldstream       
What a fantastic place the Lilydale Youth Hub is..! Bringing MUCH NEEDED support to our kids, who are needing this kind of support now, more than ever! Coming out of such a long, scary, unknown time in the world.. the LYH brings the empathy, sympathy, escape and most importantly the support that our children so desperatly need. Our government need to understand that this is an investment in our childrens lives and futures.

Teacher, Lilydale  
The Lilydale Youth Hub is a vital support network for student at the secondary school I teach at. It means a lot to these students to have the support of the hub.

Teacher, Lilydale            
The students I support talk very positively about the Lilydale Youth Hub and how it is a great resource for them.

Teacher, Croydon Hills 
As a teacher in the local area, we have found Lilydale Youth Hub an enormous support for are struggling young people. To stop funding this initiative would be letting down dozens of young people in need.

Sophie Corbett, Lilydale              
Having worked in youthwork, alternative education and youth mental health services in the Yarra Ranges since 2003, I can vouch for the huge need for support services in the are with a physical presence that is welcoming and accessible. The demand for supports is significant out here and is only increasing in the wake of the pandemic and the multiple lockdowns we all endured. Many young people and families live in areas with limited services and limited access to these services.

Its critical that we have spaces where young people can access trusted and supportive adults to guide them in managing their mental health, developing sexuality/gender identity and just finding their way in life with school, relationships and career pathways etc. They also need spaces where they can create connections with peers, particularly given the impact lockdowns had on people’s social anxiety.

Youth mental health services are at capacity and unable to meet the need, so much work and funding has already gone into creating the youth hub space and recruiting the passionate staff, its would be absolutely shameful to see it close now.

Daniel, 15
The Lilydale Youth Hub is such an important service and space.

It has given me somewhere to feel safe from what ever my problems may be and also to be able to give me the help I need to get better with my mental health.

I go and attend some of the activities run during the week and also over the school holidays and its a welcoming space with something for everyone to do.

My life wouldn’t be the same without the lilydale youth hub and im so greatfull for everything they have done to help me get though challenging times.

Maria Antoniou 44, Kilsyth 
The government owes it to our children to allow a place like this to exist. How can you allow this place to close? Please re consider and fund for a great cause.

Think about this generation and how badly they need this. A safe space.

Don’t let this place shut down.

I just found out about it but now can’t send my child here because I know she will get attached and love it. Then I have to deal with telling her oh it’s only fir this year. As an asd child I can’t do that to her. So sad.

Harry 18, Chirnside  
I’ve known about the youth hub for less than a year and in that time I have already made some amazing friends and had some awesome times hanging out with people there.

The youth hub is a place where anyone can be who they are and have fun doing it. 

Tina 36, woori yallock   
I’m an employment coach for SYC – the hub is a place that i refer all my youth to – even those without significant mental health as the hub has some great programs and some of the YP have even stated that they love how inclusive there programs are they find it to be a way to keep busy and keep off the streets. Finally for the first time i actually felt that they got this right and to hear that it possibly would be closing is just a disaster — our Youth were hurt so badly after COVID i just cant bare to have my clients go back wards in there recovery due to the ” lack of funds banner”… fingers crossed —- so happy to have such a great program               

Steph Cummings 50, Seville     
We need to do everything that we can to empower and strengthen our young people. The Hub has been instrumental in not only equipping and supporting young people… it has saved lives. We need this resource. Please continue to invest in our young people. They deserve the very best. 

Leading Senior Constable Linda Hancock, Lilydale      
As Police we engage with the Hub and find it an extremely valuable service for our youth.  There are very limited services in the Outer East for you and this hub strongly supports our community.                

17 year old, Lilydale   
Save the Hub!!!  We need it!!      

21 year old, Lilydale  
The Lilydale Youth Hub has become an important part of the community. It provides a much needed, non-judgemental, safe space for young people to come and seek help with their mental health, socialise and engage in activities. Young peoples mental health is often side-lined, when in fact it should be front and centre of local and state governments agenda. Thankfully, the Youth Hub has become a sanctuary for young people and it must continue to be. Fund the Youth Hub!       

Resident, Kalorama   
Support community engagement and keep options open to the generation of kids that face more challenges then ever before.

Parent, Glen Huntly    
My friend’s daughter really benefits from the youth hub. We need more support for young people’s mental health, not less. It would be a shame to lose such a valuable program.

Dan McGill 49, Montrose       
The Youth Hub has been a great source of support for my daughter

Suzanne Burnett 43, Lilydale     
Please support Lilydale hub. I have three young boys and I’d love to know this service is available locally if they ever need it               

Resident 39, Mount Evelyn      
It would be such a shame to lose something that brings the youth in the community so much joy and help when needed.              

Natalie Angelico, Mooroolbark
Please keep this going it’s a fantastic area for teenagers like my son who looks forward to this on a Thursday. He is suffering from searve mental illness and soon will be appointed a case worker,  which he would benefit from this. 🙏🙏🙏 Please keep it going.  This is a positive environment keeping kids like my son out of trouble and off the streets with a variety of events throughout the week.

Resident, Chirnside Park   
You need to support these places like you support injecting rooms!!

Anne Young 47, Chirnside Park
Adolescents need more services, after these years of Covid they are all struggling one way or another. Please keep this service going     

Resident 58, Lilydale
At a time that mental health is finally being acknowledged as something that needs to be nurtured, a place where young people can go to do just that is such a necessity. To close this hub would be a detriment to our youth, they need this place to have a safe place to go.              

Parent, Mooroolbark    
As a parent of 2 boys I cannot emphasise how important this type of service is to our community. Many of our youths in the Yarra Ranges are struggling mentally and emotionally and this service provides them a safe place to come together. To be helped, to be accepted, to be understood. Let’s help them help themselves by providing an environment for them to feel safe and grow.        

Grandparent, Maroondah       
My grand babies  live in the Yarra Ranges. It is wonderful have a space for kids to be kids yet ask for support from an adult if needed. I wish you the best with keeping the doors open.

Glenn 43, Yarra Ranges
Excellent place for youth to attend and be themselves. Interactive services great to connect and make some mates. Wish they had this in my day. My son loves it, has a ball. Reminds of an upbeat Youth Group of the 80’s   

Chris 56, Lilydale
Mental health is everybody’s business. We have just had a royal commission into mental health. This is a time to be investing in services not withdrawing funding.     

Suzy Downie, Belgrave
Lilydale youth hub is a special place that provides much needed support for youth and their families.  Without it many have no where to turn when things are rough.     

Sue Edmond 60, Lilydale   
This is absolutely a vital service. My son has ongoing mental health issues and had to travel to Knox when he was really struggling so to have a service in this area is vital for people living out this way . Please keep this service going.                  

Resident 45, Dederang
As an aunty I worry about the challenging world my nieces and nephews and teenagers in general are going through, along with hearing daily accounts of students worries within my secondary school nursing role from students and family, on top of the mental health worries and concerns we are continuously hearing to increase; the amazing services offered by the Lilydale Youth hub is invaluable! Having this safe space for youth, having the professional support, having the activities on offer is part of the community’s responsibility to keep our youth safe and supported. Keep the Lilydale Hubs door open!          

Natasha 43, Lilydale  
Mum of two. One 13 year old boy who has recently come across this service.

As a parent, I am grateful for an outlet to enable my son to openly chat about life to professionals in a warm and youth focused space. Whilst I love my son, there are some serious conversations that too confronting for my boy to have with mum.

Topics about life, death and all in between.  This is much needed gap fill. To close a rich, valuable knowledgeable space would be breaking a vital, quality of life link in a very short chain of resources available to young people, their families and community.               

Resident, Lilydale   
I am aware of many young people who have accessed counselling from the Lilydale Youth Hub. Closing the door on such a valuable service would mean young people would wait for a long time before they receive help from a Counsellor.               

Parent, Mount Evelyn
The Lilydale youth hub has opened up so many great opportunities for my eldest child that would otherwise be too overwhelming or too expensive for our family to access. From gaining independence catching the bus after school, to expanding her friendship network, to learning helpful information and having the confidence to give something new a try are just some of the benefits over 2022.

The youth hub gets her out of her room and chaotic household into a calm nurturing environment where she can be herself. And as I parent I have peace of mind knowing all the staff have her best interests at heart and love their jobs. The youth of Yarra rangers need this support during such a vulnerable time in their lives. 

Jessica Bray 38, Rowville     
I work in the Yarra Ranges with youth experiencing hardship.  We have had a lot of great success with the youth hub supporting the local youth in the community,  and with only recently becoming a well known and respected service.  Closing its doors now will be truly detrimental to the local community and youth mental health.  I really hope that this amazing service can get refunded and continue the great work that it does as the need for this is clearly required.

Parent, Montrose   
I am a mother of a teenager and a health professional in the Yarra Ranges. The Lilydale youth hub is a vital service for young people in the Yarra Ranges, there is nothing else like it about. Without it we are leaving vulnerable teens without support. Please refund this program – the youth of the Yarra ranges deserve to have access to local service  that meets their needs.

Ruth Herdman  60, Healesville
Considering the effects of numerous lockdowns this is an essential service. Young people have scare support services in the outer east. This is an essential service. Do not close it!

Lachlan 23, Mount Evelyn   
Closing this vital service down means more lives are at risk, especially young ones.           

Finn 15, Montrose 
The youth hub has become like a family to me and closing it isn’t going to be good. closing the youth hub is like splitting a family apart and could cause some to not be able to reach out and receive the help that may be needed. seeing as many have reached out for help using the youth hub, or have gone to the youth hub for activities closing the hub could mean some may be wearier in reaching out. The youth hub is truly amazing and hearing that it could close hurt my heart, and it would be terrible for it to close. DONT CLOSE THE YOUTH HUB.       

Simone , Montrose       
Lilydale Youth Hub has been a huge help for young people I work with. It’s a much needed service to the community.

Parent, Montrose   
My primary school age daughter has experienced anxiety for most of her life. I can only hope that by her teenage years there are wonderful services like the Lilydale Youth Hub to support her mental health. This service is essential for our community.

Resident 51, Montrose
Supporting our children, our teens, our young adults is essential if we all want to have a fun, productive and safe community.

Resident 45, Montrose
It’s been a tough few years for all of us, and young people have been some of the hardest hit. As a community, we need to wrap around those who need support to make sure they what they need to feel they can thrive. Yarra Ranges – such a big region – now has a place where young people can come to get the support they need. What’s more – the team at Lilydale Youth Hub actively goes to the places where transport is limited so young people don’t have to come to them! As we continue on the path towards recovery together, we need a place like the Lilydale Youth Hub more than ever.

Julie Smith, Yarra Junction  
I run Chantilly Park Learning and Wellness centre and see a huge need for support for youth in our area.  I do some probono work for youth that do not have access to funding from elsewhere.

We need ongoing support for youth especially after the social & disengagement issues from COVID.

PLEASE support this important service.



Psychotherapist & Equine Experiential Interaction Practitioner

Resident 56, Healesville              
Please continue to support the great work of the Lilydale Youth Hub and support our young people in these difficult and changing times we live in. It is great to read the comments and how the Hub is helping our sons and daughters – let’s continue this well past 2022.

Resident 74, Kilsyth      
This service is essential for the wellbeing and health of so many young people and their families in this community.

To withdraw funding at this stage when so many are receiving help, comfort and ongoing support would be devasting for those involved.

It is imperative that funding continues.

Elle 24, Lilydale
The hub is such an important part of the community for young people they can help point you in the right direction when you need help, help like people with mental health support and is such a loving kind and accepting space for young people to go to. The staff there are amazing and go above and beyond to do an amazing job for every client. The Yarra ranges needs not only lilydale youth hub but many more!!!!

Resident 36, Lilydale   
This service is so valuable to the community, there is nothing else like it and it’s so important for our youth. I work in community services and see the effect this hub has on peoples lives, we should not have to go without this valuable service.

Grandmother, Mt. Evelyn  
There is an enormous need for this Youth Hub in Lilydale.  To withhold funding and close it down would be an utter disaster.  I know how much work some of the dedicated workers there contribute to the ongoing wellbeing of many many young people.

Please let common sense prevail.

Service professional, Sherbrooke   
At a time when preventing, reducing and managing Mental Health issues are acknowledged as a very high priority in the general community, especially  where those issues impact young people and especially those in the outer east, a proven successful approach needs to be funded to continue its great work.

Melinda Pride 49, Lilydale      
My name is Melinda, my daughter Sara Jones who is 14 yo has been going to Lilydale hub for about a year now, I cannot express how much this group of amazing people have helped my daughter!! My daughter who suffers from autism, ADHD, anxiety and her sexuality, would not be where she today  is if it wasn’t for this amazing organisation.

The youth hub has changed her so much in a positive way, with the help and guidance and all their classes we would be absolutely lost without them, the hub gives my daughter the outlet that she needs and wants.

They help so many kids and would be an absolute heartbreak if it wasn’t available.

The kids depend on the youth hub, they need this to stay open, I would hate to see what would happen to the kids if were to close.

Please, please keep our youth hub open!! Our kids need it!

Anne 72, Dandenong North       
Young people have been suffering.  There is evidence that the lockdown has taken a toll on their well being and mental health.  Place ourselves in their shoes and imagine what has not been the normal routine and psychological  impact on their separation from classroom and social interactions, both peer groups and  face to face teacher support.  This has not been “the norm”.   My heartfelt empathy for our youth and their families.    Through their programs, the team at the Youth Hub,  offer strategies to provide life-skills, acknowledge their pain and link into practical resources. The Hub has been a  non judgmental, safe pace for these young people.  I strongly recommend that the Government  continues to fund the Lilydale Youth Hub .  My understanding is that support by our Government for the mental health of our communities is a high priority.

Resident 62, Healesville       
Mental health care is a necessary requirement for everyone, especially our younger people,  after the last 2 years of home schooling, lockdowns and travel limitations. The damage caused does not go away just because the lockdowns have finished. Long Covid will have mental and physical repercussions for years to come. Support is required.

Melanie 43, Donvale  
This is not the time for young people to be losing space for support and connection. We know they need it more more than ever. Re-fund the hub!

17 year old, Lilydale      
Lilydale youth hub helped me overcome my anxiety regarding many issues i spoke about with the workers. I’ve always felt comfortable around the people supporting me and felt truly guided.

Evie 15, Lilydale              
The youth hub has been the only place I have been able to go to that is local to me and doesn’t cost me time out of school to attend, like my psychologist who only works school hours. I have gained so much from my weekly sessions and it’s so helpful to have a talk so regularly and a reset. I can’t imagine continuing my weeks without the youth hub and the support of everyone there. The improvement in my mental health and mood has been so noticeable and it would devastating to prevent that from other young adults in the Yarra Ranges looking for help as well.

Kahlia Weir 32, South Yarra       
Mental health and social support services are vital, especially for youth. This is already such a confusing and difficult period of life, made much more complicated with the trauma of a global pandemic. Lilydale Youth Hub provides a safe place for youth to get help, build skills, and engage positively. I have no doubt that the hub existing has saved lives. This service deserves funding. And the community needs the positive impact of the skilled staff there.

Service professional, Lilydale    
As someone who uses community organisations such as the Lilydale Youth Hub for clients to connect with, it would be a real shame to the local community to see this place shut and not have a safe inclusive organisation for all Youth to access.

Service professional, Mooroolbark       
I work in the Yarra Valley and do so many referrals to you guys – the support you provide young people in the community is so valuable. Young people all over the Yarra Valley have found a safe space at the hub.

Parent, Lilydale
My young person has been coming along to the youth hub for the youth hangout and chats. Such a wonderful program and lovely team providing a welcoming and safe space for young people to belong. After 2 years of disconnection and isolation through covid lockdowns an amazing resource like the Youth Hub for our young teens and adults is beyond value.

Grandparent, Lilydale   
My granddaughter is finding such wonderful support from this group. Please support it!

17 year old, Mooroolbark  
The Lilydale Youth hub has given me endless opportunities and gave me support during the time I needed it most, as a young person it’s hard to find places that genuinely feel safe and be welcomed by a team that genuinely supports and gives you the opportunities to learn how to better yourself and your life in general, I can definitely day I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for the Lilydale youth hub,

it’s helped me in many ways including becoming less withdrawn socially and being more comfortable with who I am and what I want with my life,

I can’t express how much the Lilydale Youth Hub means to me.

Betsy Senior, Lilydale   
Please don’t let this vital service slip away. Our young people are the citizens and parents of tomorrow where the battle to survive, live, and find suitable employment will be such a challenge. We need our young people to be able to hold there heads high as they try to make sense of this crazy troubled world.

Parent, Kilsyth
My son came to the Lilydale Youth Hub for a holiday program and he liked it so much that he now comes after school.  This Hub has got my son out of his comfort zone and enabled him to meet like minded people.  The team who have been looking after my son are down to earth, enthusiastic and very supportive and understanding.  Thank you very much Lilydale Youth Hub for all that you do for the community.

Resident, Croydon  
Our kids deserve mental health support.

Jackie 56, Lilydale
Youth need more opportunities to engage with others in their community, not fewer. Don’t take away this service.

Janet, Mooroolbark       
You do amazing work for our youth who need support with their mental health issues. We need more centres like this who have fantastic staff.

Elizabeth 40, Mooroolbark
I am shocked to hear the Youth Hub’s funding is at risk. There will ALWAYS be young people in our community who need a safe place to get support when (sadly) school, home and the wider community don’t feel safe. If it’s a matter of funding, the government should be well aware of the benefits of investing in support young people through their trauma and difficulties.

Dee 25, Wandin North 
I didn’t have a service like the lilydale youth hub when I was young. This service is ESSENTIAL to the health and well-being of many young people in an area that is under-resourced in terms of psychology and other mental health allied support services.

In light of recent mental health comission and ABS statistics, which show increased levels of mental illness in young people, continuing to fund this service will literally save childrens lives. Please continue this service for the next generation of young people in the yarra valley.

Eliza, Lilydale    
The Lilydale youth Hub is such an amazing Organisation for the community to be able to access and support our young people to support their needs.

It is a safe and supported space for young people to go and seek help!

Parent, Millgrove  
The Lilydale Youth Hub provides an invaluable service to the young people within our region.

Yarra Ranges Council have produced “CHILD AND YOUTH STRATEGY 2014 – 2024”, which clearly highlights challenges faced by young people within our community today and provides  outcomes and goals on how we may all work together to overcome and achieve better outcomes for not only vulnerable, but all young people  – it takes a village to raise a child  and the contribution made by the Lilydale Youth Hub and their amazing team of Youth Workers to support our young people is not only inspirational, but practical.

Please provide assistance to continue the work of the hub, so many young people benefit and the long term effects of this support, contribute to our community in positive way – this is a grass roots foundation for the next generation.

Deanne McKenzie 52, Monbulk                
Much needed service, staffed by committed professionals. I don’t know where my family would be without it. We encountered huge waiting lists at other services.

16 year old, Mooroolbark           
My friends go and I’ve been a few times this hub has the most welcoming staff it’s always such a fun place to be there is so much to do and I believe this place truly helps so many young people.

16 year old, Glenroy  
The lilydale youth hub is such an important place for the community, and especially local teens. Please keep the funding, people NEED it.

Parent, Mount Evelyn
My daughter has had serious mental health issues of anxiety, depression and loneliness. She felt ostracised from society. She needed a place to go and be with kids going through similar issues. After a search of community services. I found Lilydale youth Hub that offers so many important services to our youth.  When we enquired, she was warmly welcomed with no expectations. She started going and started to feel that finally she fitted in.  This is somewhere she can go that is non judgemental, inclusive, safe and fun. There is nowhere else like it. . It has really helped her confidence and given her a feeling of self worth. Without it I can guarantee she would sink back into loneliness and depression.

It is imperative that this service remains open to all young people in the Shire.

Please continue funding for this essential youth service.

Young person, Yarra Ranges
The hub helps the youth

Casper 14, Lilydale  
The youth hub still needs funding. It is so important for the community and youth

17 year old, Healesville     
Without this service I fear for the significant decline in youth mental health that will occur in our community.

16 year old, Pascoe Vale             
This youth service is an incredibly important part of the community, it has gotten my friends though so many tough times and I know that they value this place so much. Don’t cut the funding!!!!

Young Person 16, Boronia
My friend goes to this youth group and they really help my friend 🙂 I’m glad to see my friend is becoming a stronger and positive person through this youth group

Andrea Leeson 46, Chirnside Park   
There is a great need for mental health support for young people in the Yarra Ranges.  I have personal experience trying to support my daughter with her mental health and I believe more easily accessible options are needed.

Grandparent, Wandin North      
The support and help provided at the Hub in Lilydale is creating an enormous change in my grandchild’s life. Their confidence and motivation were at rock bottom, leaving their mental health in a mess and impeding their ability to study. Now that their mental health is beginning to improve I am concerned about the consequences for all of the young people in need of this important service, if the Hub loses their funding. Please reconsider the decision to remove funds that are desperately needed. Thank you.

Isaiah 13, Chirnside park   
Ive only started coming to Youth and have found it a great safe space to just hang out and also talk to other people my age.

I also did some of the activities here during the school holiday and loved it.

It would be very disappointing if the hub was to close at the end of the year. We really need to keep places like this open.

Oliver 17, Mount Evelyn              
“The youth hub has been so supportive for many young people i know, and has helped the community so much, as they support others, they need support too. It allows us Youth to feel understood and heard, and enables self expression.

In the time i have been attending, my mental and social health has improved greatly, and I have felt a great sense of belonging. The group sessions and events may help others in the same or a similar way, especially to connect with others of similar experiences, and to find meaningful friendships within the community, no matter your background.

The Lilydale Youth Hub is inspiring and presents many new opportunities, especially those who have struggled to find acceptance in their lives.”

Elvira Farrugia 55, Chirnside park            
“Lilydale youth Hub has been a fantastic space for young adults to just catch up after school and wind down whilst being   in a safe space without having to worry about what other kids are going to be thinking about them.

During and post Covid, our youth have suffered mentally so its vital that a place like this remain open to support some of these kids who are also doing it tough and also just to feel the need to have someone to talk to if needed.  We don’t want places like this to close but rather to be expanded for our kids of tomorrow.”

Parent, Seville
“It would be a tragedy if our community were to lose this program. Our daughter, like so many, has serious mental health concerns that have been exacerbated by COVID and the numerous & lengthy lockdowns and remote schooling. Our young people deserve to have access to the support systems that aid their recovery, without having to travel large distances.

Families as a whole also benefit from having appropriate services within arms reach. ”

The Lilydale Youth Hub has become more and more popular with my child and her friends.  In their eyes they are attending a bunch of fun and creative activities and meeting new friends, whilst as a parent I see they are in a caring and supportive environment with easy access to professional mental health support, should it be needed.

The Hub provides a safe, friendly and comforting place for young people and the amazing team have built up a wonderful community, the benefits of which will resonate for years to come in the form of friendships and improved mental health.  The outer east and hills regions have been lacking in this type of support for so long!

I sincerely hope the funding is continued into the future and the programme expanded to more areas in our region.  Heartfelt thanks to all the staff!

14 year old, The Patch  
Lilydale youth hub should be refunded and here’s why.

Lilydale youth hub is one of the very few places in the Yarra Ranges for young people to have a good time with people similar to their own age. There is very few places that do this and not many people would be able to find those places. So the people that have found the youth hub now have support, but if it doesn’t get funding then those people will lose that support they need and also lose the chance to be social with other people which is a necessity to a healthy lifestyle.

If you were in this position where you’re going to lose the support you need wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get it back? Or if this is where your child goes to to get help, support and be social, you would want the best for your child right? Well if your child was about to lose their only source of help and support you wouldn’t want to rip that away from them right? Well I’m in that position now. I’m about to get my only support and social groups out side of school ripped away from me.

Overall many people only have this place as support and if it gets taken away they have no where else to go and even if they did they wouldn’t feel as comfortable as they were here. As I have said it’s one of very few places in the Yarra Ranges that young people have to go. So that is why Lilydale youth hub needs to have it’s funding back.

Shani Richardson, Kilsyth   
“Hello, My name is Shani Richardson, I am the Youth Transitional Worker for Anchor.

I sit in at the Lilydale Youth Hub every Thursday afternoon.

Since working with the wonderful the Hub, I have noticed a large growth in engagement and support for the young people. Many young people have been able to utilise Anchor’s services through their connection with the Hub, it is an approachable service and a great central place to access other needed services that a young person might feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed using previously. I believe it is a great early intervention resource in the Yarra Ranges community.

Young people who have been sleeping rough have accessed support from the Lilydale Youth Hub and are then able to be referred to Anchor for housing support, preventing their situation from becoming worse, and working towards a positive and sustainable outcome.

Jennifer, 50, Wonga Park   
Whilst I currently work for (Rangers Community Health) Inspiro in an administration capacity I am also the parent of a 15 year old who has spent most of the recent three years with debilitating mental health issues.  Anxiety, depression, suicidal idealisation, ADHD, social anxiety and school can’t.   With first had lived experience I can say that youth mental health not only effects the young person but the entire family, including the ability to earn an income.

Over the three years it was necessary for us to enlist the help of several public and private services to assist in getting our son back to good health which we are so thankful for.  I am familiar with the the great location of the Lilydale Youth Hub it facilities, staff and the great work they do.  I am proud to work for Inspiro and help support the Hub and the Lilydale community.  The work they do in early intervention for our young people, socialisation and inclusion opportunities and more is invaluable.  I strongly urge the current government to continue funding for the Lilydale Youth Hub so that their good work can go on and the investment in the facility setup and staffing can be capitalised on into the future.

School wellbeing counsellor    
As a school wellbeing counsellor in the Yarra Ranges, the Youth Hub provides much needed support to young people, and assistance when schools are not able to cope with volume of people needing support. I hope the team at the Hub are around for a long time as they provide integral help when needed.

Janet Jackiw, SEVILLE    
Now more than ever youth need support. Covid has taken an enormous tole on everyone but particularly on the you people in our community, now we need supports more than ever. It would be a very damaging thing to take away support now, the government really need to continue funding.

Jennifer Watson 47, Lilydale      
As the mother of a young person who has accessed this service when he was dealing with some mental ill health,  this service is essential to the Lilydale Community.  Please do not shut this essential facility for the youth of the outer East. There is no other service for them to use !

Warren Turner, Nunawading   
As a Team Leader for a Youth and Family Counselling service in Melb’s east, we rely on the connections that a professional service like the Lilydale Youth Hub provide in being able to connect with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. We can say definitively that there is an extreme lack of services that are in a position to support the young people that are seeking assistance from a service within the Yarra Ranges, and more importantly, at no cost. We support the continued funding for this service to remain in operation, and for them to continue the great work that they have been doing in serving the community.

Caroline Evans 54, YARRA GLEN
Cire’s support of my teenage son quite literally turned his life around, and he is now employed and completing a traineeship. The Lilydale Youth Hub is at the heart of their care for young people and their families.

Thank-you from our family. We love being part of the Cire family.

Parent, Mooroolbark    
I wish to voice how truly wonderful this service is I have a young son that would really deteriorate if this location closes   . Please do not allow this to happen.

Resident, Healesville    
Research clearly indicates there is enough evidence to know that pulling back mental health supports for young people is not what’s needed to scaffold and support a generation of empowered, equipped and emotionally aware adults that will be the future for our community our families, our business and our governments. Please invest in this essential service!

Leanne 52, Rowville      
It is disgusting that this is closing down

What happened to all the money promised from the government for mental health etc.

Cassandra Hall 42, Mount Evelyn    
Lilydale youth hub is a vital place for teens to go when they need space or home has become a difficult place to be. Having someone to talk to or just to feel safe and warm holds the key in providing teens the mental health services and development that the Yarra Ranges needs.

Don’t quit on their future.

Bronwyn Ward 44, Mount Evelyn       
Now more than ever our young people need the support of the Lilydale Youth Hub. The impacts of compounded trauma and loss over the past 3 years highlight the need for such services to continue into the future to ensure the mental health and safety of our young people.

Karen Pomeranz, Sherbrooke  
Following the Youth Hub via their newsletters has provided me with insight into the terrific diverse and age appropriate activities and support offered by the Hub   They are no doubt relevant to the needs of our local youth and are meeting those in a highly empathetic and creative way. A facility that definitely needs to stay !

Sarah Greenway 36, Reservoir 
The Lilydale Youth Hub is an amazing resource and it would be so sad to see it dissolve due to funding.  It took a long time to get off the ground due to fab collaborations happening to make it so special, and it full of necessary supports for young people in such an otherwise isolated area, please keep it 🙂

Michelle Hynes 37, Lilydale   
My daughter and her step-sister both love the Lilydale Youth Hub.  A safe place – both physically and psychologically – for our young people to spend time with peers and professionals has always been important; now it’s critical.

Parent, Lilydale
The LYH is the only service providing timely and specialized youth mental health in the Lilydale area.  Headspace does not have capacity to see young people with complex mental health needs.  LYH responds quickly to young people’s needs.  To lose them would have a devastating effect on the area.  I can’t understand why the government has not guaranteed their funding.  There is lots of talk about supporting youth mental health.  It’s time we see some action from the government.

Service professional, Lilydale    
Gives an opportunity for our young people to be engage in social activities in the area, build confidence, relationships and provide support when they need it. Without this support we lose our love ones, a friend, a student please consider the our young people’s future.

Jen Thompson, Wandin North  
As a private psychotherapist working in the Yarra Ranges with individuals and families, I am grateful to be able to refer to the Inspiro Youth Hub.

The team at the Hub are exceptional.

Our young people need the support of the Hub, demand and need for such a service is high, this is a welcoming, empathic service that gives hope in troubled times both to young people and their families.

Service professional, Mooroolbark   
Our youth deserve to be supported. Why wouldn’t we want to put funds towards prevention. Services like these help to reduce the reliance on the upstream more expensive mental health services.

Parent, Lilydale      
The youth hub is amazing I am a mum of young person. The youth hub has supported my  young person in the most positive supportive ways. My young person worker is amazing and very understanding of my young person needs. Without this support  my young person would not be where she us today and my young person us still getting the best care and support yarra ranges needs this hub to continue on after December thus year.

Resident, The Patch    
Providing and safe place, outlet and mental health strategies for young people help them, their families and their communities as they develop into caring human beings.

It actually makes economic sense as the need for services as people age diminishes if issues have been addressed at a young age.

Melissa 55, Mount Evelyn    
The Lilydale Health Hub is providing a vital service to our youth and is needed now more than ever following the last few years of Covid disruptions.

Their statistics clearly tell the story of their importance and reach within our community – the Yarra Ranges.

Please support their work and support our youth by continuing the funding for the Lilydale Health Hub.

Debbie 65, Croydon  
Please don’t close this service. From a mother with a daughter with various mental health problems.

This service is needed. They can help people with mental health problems.

Neal Taylor 52, Lilydale              
I have had the pleasure of working with the team at the Lilydale Youth Hub and some of the youth. The Youth Hub has been a vital missing piece, and it would be a disaster to lose it now.

The Lilydale Youth Hub is an essential part of the support network for our youth in the Yarra Ranges and, as such, can attest that our youth are hurting with recent events exacerbating issues. It would be a disaster for the Youth Hub to have to close its doors!

Alana 41, Nunawading
De-funding the Lilydale Youth Hub would be detrimental to the young people of the Yarra Ranges. This would be yet another service that has been established to service and support the young people in the area, only to be discontinued in such a short time. The people of Yarra Ranges are generally cautious of engaging with services for this reason. The people, specifically the young people of Yarra Ranges are a cohort that really need this stable support as their individual needs are significant and diverse.

Parent, Belgrave Heights  
My child has just started seeing his case manager and he needs this service so desperately. It will be so integral for his future and his mental health needs. We have been at crisis point and there are just no other services around that we have been able to get him into that can provide him with a safe space to be linked in with the help he needs. We really feel this service is a lifeline for him.

Resident 50, Lilydale   
There is a need for youth focused mental health support. This hub must stay open to make sure youth mental health stays a priority within the3 community.

18 year old, Mitcham
This place is really good it’s my second time coming back and its so good to have a place besides my home to relax and chill whenever I need, I love it so much, everyone who works there is so chill and down to earth kind and respectful it’s amazing to know I can go somewhere free of judgement!!!!

Charli 17, Healesville
It’s amazing here and it’s a safe space and it’s a really welcoming lovely community and makes everyone feel belonged, I would love this place to keep going as I think it’s a great safe place for youth to go to.

Parent, Lilydale    
Now, more than ever, children need our support as their mental health is degraded by the world around them. Covid has further challenged our kids and they are becoming more and more vulnerable. Please don’t stop this amazing resource

Resident 53, Mooroolbark   
I would like to request funding continue for Lilydale Youth Hub and request the government continue funding this vital service, so that the young people of the Yarra Ranges have a dedicated service to support them with their mental health and wellbeing.

The Hub supports hundreds of young people and their parents by connecting them to the services and care that helps. Help and support is crucial at this time.

Thank you.

School wellbeing coord, Yarra Junction  
This is a word of support for the Lilydale youth hub. Students that I have worked with before and indeed my own children have needed the safe space that the Youth Hub provides and gives them an avenue of contact in the local community.

Resident 46, Lilydale
This important service is of incredibly vital support to so many young people in the community. It is a beacon of hope, trust and safety for countless people who are struggling in a world that is incomprehensible to adults, let alone those who are still growing and trying to understand themselves and the way they fit in to the greater picture. With teenage depression and self-harm at an all-time high, extreme pressure on existing professional services and our hospital system, it is inconceivable that there would be even a whisper of an idea to shut down such an invaluable service. May the Hub and the team who are doing such an incredible job remain in place, and grow, for decades to come.

Service professional, Lilydale  
With so much anxiety and mental health issues in young people the hub has been an extremely important support to many young people in the Yarra ranges .Many young people are not comfortable seeing a psychologist and waiting months while their mental health became even more fragile. The youth hub Engages teens on their level and saves lives. The hub is a necessity for the large amount of youth needing urgent youth focused support !

Resident 41, Lilydale   
Such a valuable service to Yarra Ranges young people and families!

Gabi Stanszus, Monbulk       
As a youth worker working elsewhere in the region with vulnerable young people it has been so wonderful to have the Youth Hub as a new and much needed resource. We have referred many young people onto their services (the pet therapy program, the holiday programs, menstrual health sessions, to youth workers supporting mental health challenges amongst others) and have seen the benefits these have offered. As well as the work they do all through the year, having a place that offers fantastic holiday program options is so needed for the adolescent age group, as we know that holidays are often times of limited support, boredom and increased risk for teenager who are struggling. The council options so often only cater for primary school aged kids, and we have seen young adults engaging at the youth hub with curiosity, enthusiasm, and connection to the space. The youth hub is sorely needed in the outer east, with increasing numbers of young people struggling with return to school, community, and social life following the COVID lockdowns. Funding this resource is an essential part of supporting the outer east’s youth as the Youth Hub continues to establish itself as a safe space literal ‘hub’ of support options for young people in the region.

Sara Chehade (Reconnect Case Worker), Cire Chirnside Park Community Hub    
I work as one of the Reconnect Case Workers nearby and have referred quite a few of our young clients to the youth hub who have not only felt supported with a welcoming place to drop in too, but also have hugely benefited from the counselling and case management services provided. The activities and programs provided are also wonderful to have in our local area and we hope that this can continue on so that the youth in our community can continue to benefit from a holistic approach.

Resident, Chirnside Park             
This is an important program that needs to continue in our community.

Penny Christie 69, Montrose    
Mental health concerns are a worrying issue with our young people and have been exacerbated during the lock-downs around the COVID pandemic. Some young people felt trapped, isolated and frightened and needed a safe place and people to support them. Young people need to ‘belong,’ need a sense of community and a safe place to go to socialise, learn and build resilience. The Lilydale Youth Hub offers support. encouragement and a belonging place and an essential centre for young people to meet and build relationships. Please  continue to support this great initiative and provide our young people with support and purpose as they develop into strong adults.

Amanda Stokes, Chirnside Park
The Lilydale Youth Hub is a vital resource for the young members of the Yarra Ranges community.

Hayley Mellor, 51, Eastern Access Community Health Ringwood              
To whom it may concern,

It is greatly distressing to read that the youth hub is facing closure. As a mental health practitioner, working predominantly with individuals experiencing addiction, it is essential that young people experiencing mental health issues are provided as much support as possible.  There is substantial evidence showing that one year into the pandemic, globally, one in four young people report experiencing clinically elevated depressive symptoms, while one in five are reported experiencing clinically elevated anxiety symptoms.

These rates are all the more alarming when compared to pre-pandemic estimates, which were closer to one in 10 youth having clinically elevated anxiety and depression. This indicates that youth mental health difficulties have likely doubled during COVID-19.

It is well documented that  mental health difficulties were more prevalent as the pandemic persisted. This suggests that as the length of the pandemic continued, along with public health safety measures such as school closures and social distancing, clinically significant anxiety and depression symptoms also increased. This indicates that children and youth globally are struggling with mental health difficulties, and their symptoms are worsening as the pandemic continues.

The closure of any form of assistance providing essential supportive access for youth and young people, is detrimental not only to the individual, but to society as a whole.

Grant Harrison 49, Boronia      
“Knox Basketball has been donating goods to Lilydale Youth Hub (LYH) throughout 2021 to 2022 after the impacts of Covid, to assist the many underprivileged youth and struggling families out there who LYH work with on a daily basis. Although this service is outside our own LGA, once I heard about the amazing support services they provided, I had no hesitations in helping out.

I have found the staff and program to be nothing but a major benefit to the entire Yarra Ranges region and have seen first hand the positive impacts they have on families and local youth.

After two years of lockdowns I find it hard to comprehend that funding would be withdrawn, as this is such an important service to the region. I know too well the enormity of mental health issues that our youth are dealing with out there today and programs like this actually save lives.

This service must continue and needs to be funded by Government and Council.


Grant Harrison
CEO – Knox Basketball Inc

Sue Thompson 57, Ringwood   
It is not the time to defund such an important service.  Too many young people need our assistance at the moment and we need more services, not less.

Resident 49, Lilydale
The Lilydale Youth Hub is an essential services here in Lilydale. It provides significant support for young people.  It has an amazing team of workers that make a huge difference to young peoples life.

Harry 18, Chirnside       
The hub is one of the first places I think of if the form I’m community. I have met so many new friends and people I never would have known without the hub.

Kye 17, Lilydale    
The hub is one of my favourite places to go. I have been to many different counselling centres, but the hub is so welcoming and inclusive. I have met so many people and life long friends though the hub and we have so many new ideas we would like to bring in.

13 year old, Mt Evelyn     
I like to hang out at the hub and meeting new people, I enjoy doing all the activities they have for anyone to go and join in

Jocelyn 19, East Warburton      
The Lilydale Youth Hub has really helped me in my recovery and supported me in a way that no other service in my area has.

The amount it respects and listens to young people is amazing, it really feels like a space for us. I wish it had been around when I was younger.

12 year old, Lilydale          
lilydale youth hub has helped me so much. as someone going to a school where i cant express myself, having that place where i can go whenever really helps my mental health. i love everyone here and the staff are so nice, it would break my heart if they shut down. i love it here and so do many others:)

12 year old, Lilydale         
The lilydale youth hub has helped me so much over the course of these holidays. And even though I was new and didn’t know that many people, I was welcomed into our amazing community. By continuing to fund the hub, you will further change to lives or so many other youth, and I don’t think their is anything more important than the wellbeing of our youth.


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